[RELEASE] Advance Logger And Console

A combo solution which includes LOGGER, CONSOLE and COMMAND LINE in one package. This is an essential tool to trace and debug your Unity app.

Logger features:

  • Simple log interface
  • Can create multiple loggers with different configure and appender
  • Support many log appender (text file, html file, unity log, editor console, in-game console)

Console features:

  • Support in-game ui as well as editor ui
  • Display log as group view or as list view
  • Group view for better organize
  • Toggle display id or time stamp of logs
  • Quickly open any line from the stacktraces in your code editor
  • Click to highlight game object that fire the log
  • Colorize important log type
  • Display FPS
  • Build-in command line support with history

Command line:

  • Define your own commands
  • Can create multiple commands with same name but different parameters
  • Auto convert string to parameter type

Contact Information:

Customer Support: squarebit-studio@outlook.com


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